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Oh boy, this ancient device was certainly a test of patience and tolerance. Those who grew up with one or more of these gems can never get the incessant sound of rotary phone ringing. It came in one volume, LOUD! Brrrrrrrrrrrring! Some people use this sound as their ringtone on a mobile phone. WHY?!? It’s annoying!

Imagine fitting this bad boy into your pocket? It weighed 20 pounds and had a handle in the back of it just to move it around. It used to double as a weapon.

Now on to the fun part. Dialing this thing was challenge…

BEEP, BLRRRRR, MREEEEE, EEEEE-EEEEE-EEEEE, ERRRRR, ABLING, ABLING, SHHHHHHHHHH, TRRRRRR, SHHHHHHH… the reminiscent sounds of our phone line connecting to an internet server.

Back in those days if you wanted to see an image you would click to download it, go get a beverage, come back and drink it, and maybe by the time you were finished it would be ready to view. Want to watch a movie? Ha! Don’t even think about it. It wasn’t actually frustrating back then; this is all we knew. There was no faster way. Aggravation set in when you would wanted to connect but got…


We have it easy these days. Back in the youthful days of a Gen-X, like myself, we developed a super-human level of patience for all things high-tech. Can you imagine our Millennial kids reacting to technology of the 80s or 90s?

Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, Apple TV… endless availability of things to watch. Want to watch any movie: *CLICK*. Want to re-watch a movie: *CLICK*. Don’t like that movie: *CLICK, CLICK*. In the rough old-days we had to preplan our movie watching days in advance. It was outing to the neighborhood Blockbuster with…

Chris T

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